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Saturday, October 2, 2010 @ 06:10 AM

The 8th Annual Shakedown at Etown is a special weekend of drag racing at Raceway park in Englishtown,NJ. This function was almost postponed due to rain, like last year. Remnants of Hurricane or Tropical Storm Nicole forced their way up the whole eastern seaboard wreaking havoc all along the way. The rain finally died down late yesterday afternoon and the crew worked like mad to dry the drag strip. They managed to get it done, and with the time left to noise curfew (don’t want to make the neighbors or the town angry), they were able to do some of their normal Friday night racing. Some beautiful muscle cars running 8.5 seconds. It was a beautiful thing.

The participants in the rest of the weekends events, never got a chance to test & tune last night. But I got to wander around, watching people set up. They were all quite relaxed. Just setting up “camp”, checking their cars, greeting old friends, cooking up some dinner, and a folks few having a cold beverage or two. That will certainly not be the case today, as today starts the beginning of race weekend. Time to get your game face on.

As I said, I got to watch people set up and start cooking. Some people had fancy motor homes. I couldn’t see what they were cooking. Some people were tailgating. I saw lots of people starting to set up their weekend tailgating areas. Table set ups, tailgate bins, foil pans, big bags of charcoal, table top grills, charcoal & propane grills, and one BIG BBQ smoker pulled by a hitch. I’ll be posting pictures of that bad boy. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to be cooking in it. Most people were just making some quick dogs and burgers last night. Some of the racers bring a cooking crew though, so we’ll see what is on the tailgating menu today. I have yet to find the folks with the outdoor propane deep fryer, but they said that they would be there. That crew knows how to cook! Deep fried drum sticks, french fries, burgers, sausages and they have a 50 gallon drum BBQ smoker as well. They cook for 4 drivers and the crews though, so they need to have a whole mess of food. I will be searching for their blue and white canopy today.

So, the weekend continues. The sun is out, the air is cool, that means great horsepower baby. See you at the track!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010 @ 07:09 AM

As I wandered the parking lot at Dover International Speedway, looking for tailgaters, I met lots of nice folks. Most had table top grills and nice free standing propane grills. I came across a man that had a new tailgating idea. It’s not a totally new idea, but it had some differences that I had not yet seen in any tailgating rig to date.

The rig dealt with sliding drawers and grills attached and an umbrella. I will not give too much more info as it is patent pending.

I did not come across any BBQ smokers, or outdoor propane deep fryers. There were no slow cookers that I saw either. There were many trailers though. Quite possible a slow cooker was set up inside one of them. I always set up my slow cooker on the table outside so that I don’t have to move it later on. All you have to do is show up with spoons and bowls. There were many people eating brats, dogs, and sausages. Some people told me about there breakfast which included sausages and eggs. It really seemed a bit boring. Maybe tomorrow things will perk up menu wise. My tailgate menu is usually off the hook. Pulled pork, chipotle tequila lamb, grilled orange chili shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops are just a few of my past tailgating menu items. I even made beef stew once. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve made brats & had cold cut sandwiches, but put a little imagination into the menu. I’ve seen tailgaters at the NHRA track, that would put these NASCAR tailgaters to shame! They not only bring charcoal & propane grills, they bring BBQ smokers & outdoor propane deep fryers.

So, we will see what tomorrow brings.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010 @ 08:08 AM

It’s time to expand that tailgating menu of yours. Have you been leery of taking a deep fryer to your next tailgate party? There are plenty of safer deep fryers out there that are well worthy of the parking lot.

The Cajun Fryer by R & V works and The Bayou Fryer by Bayou Classic are perfect examples here. These fryers are portable outdoor propane deep fryers. They are made safer by their design & construction. Metal tubes inside these fryers contain the flames, but still get perfectly hot enough to fry whatever you like. Any spillage that may occur would happen in the front of the fryer, while the only exposed flame is in the back. Therefore, no oil should ever touch the flames. And, as I said, they are portable. Wheels with a rolling caddy. The Cajun Fryers can actually be removed from the caddy for easier transport storage and for table tailgating. And if you are worried about hot oil being left in your fryer while you are in the game. No worries. After the oil cools a little, you just need a hot water heater hose and a male hose end. Attach it to the drain valve & store the oil in a cleaned, metal Gerry Can. The metal will still be hot, but you will be able to store it out of harms way while you and your friends enjoy your event.

Traditional turkey fryers are great too. Deep fry a turkey for the pre-game party. Be great for those Thanksgiving Day games! But traditional turkey fryers are very versatile. Not only can you deep fry in them, you can also steam, boil, stew, etc. Cook up a bunch of corn on the cob while you are cooking steaks on the grill. Make chili for the big game. Steam up some lobster before the race. The options are endless.

This holds true for All-In-One cookers too. Not only can you deep fryer, steam, boil, and stew, these units are also a bbq smoker & grill. Everything you need to change up your tailgating menu throughout the season!

So, why not take a deep fryer tailgating? You can make Buffalo wings for the Buffalo game. Deep fried mozzarella sticks for that Cheese Head game. Fry up some catfish for A Ragin’ Cajun game. Your menu can be as imaginative as you are. Get out there and start cooking!

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