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Friday, November 4, 2011 @ 10:11 AM

A question has come through from a reader that should be addressed. Gloria wanted to know how many turkeys she could cook in her frying oil without changing the oil.

If you are deep frying in one cooking session, you can cook as much, or as many items, turkeys, fries, or wings as you want. As long as you are draining everything properly and not just removing he food and dumping it in a food tray…you should have enough oil to get you through that session without having to add more. I had one person tell me that they were vending French fries and going through gallons and gallons of oil at every venue. They were not taking the time to tap the fryer baskets together and drain for a few seconds to return excess oil back into the fryer compartment. It sounded like a very expensive project with not much in pocket return. I am hoping that they took my advice and started trying to save the excess that they were normally just throwing into a waiting hopper.

If you are speaking of more than one day, when your turkey fryer , or other outdoor propane deep fryer,  is not in use, filter the cooled oil into storage containers. I use a strainer, funnel, and coffee filters. Tightly seal the containers. Store in a cool and preferably darkened space, like a closet. Just make sure the oil reaches proper temps. when starting up again.

You don’t have to strain the oil of debris after every use but it is suggested to do so to keep the oil clean and longer lasting. Besides, the debris is what will burn and give the oil an acrid flavoring.

As long as your oil does not take on a strong odor, an off coloring, or a burnt flavor you can continue using the oil.

Keep in mind that oil does degrade after every use. The smoke point will get lower and lower after every use. When you deep fry you need an oil with a high smoke point because you need to keep that constant high temperature for extended periods of time. When you use it, it oxidizes when in contact with the air. This reduces the content of beneficial fats, so it loses a little of it’s purity with every use. Besides the oil will take on some impurities from the food you are deep frying as well . (Anybody that has ever deep fried fish in oil knows this to be true). The impurities lower the cooking temperature. All in all, it depends on what you cook and how much you cook in that session, as to how much work is left in the oil. Keep an eye on your temps. If you get to a point on say the  fourth use of just cooking french fries for dinner (that number is just an example) and you see that your oil is starting to smoke at a lower temp. than it should be, say 300 degrees F, then it is time to get rid of the oil and start fresh. If you cooked 20 turkeys in one day, the second time that you have a major frying session may be your oil’s last use.

So any way,Gloria, in one day, you can deep fry as many turkeys as you want until you are done. Say you are cooking 20 turkeys in one day…just make sure you have some extra frying oil on hand in case you do need to add some to the pot.

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Monday, July 4, 2011 @ 08:07 AM

Cajun Fryers by R & V Works, located in Homer, La, are not just an everyday deep fryer.

R & V Works provides versatile, high performance, low maintenance LP gas fryers with unsurpassed quality that make these fryers one of the greatest all around values. (They also make high quality Smokin’ Cajun Grills).

The success of the Cajun Fryer is due to the design of the burner/flue.  The burner is positioned 6″ above the bottom of the oil reservoir and is at a 45 degree angle. This prevents the food batter from collecting on the burner and allows it to fall to the bottom.  Since heat rises, the bottom never gets hot enough to burn or scorch the batter. This keeps the frying oil clean, cooking after cooking.

Cajun Fryers offer  and estimated 70% reduction in oil use. Let’s face it, good quality frying oil can get expensive. It is recommend to change the oil after 25-30 normal cooking’s and strain the oil every 5th cooking.  Double oil life expectancy and revolutionary design, which results in fewer oil changes and you recoup your investment within a short time.

These outdoor deep fryers, that are manufactured in the United States, are of the highest quality, compared to other units of similar make. Honesty and service backs up everyone of these fryers. R & V Works will guarantee your satisfaction or will replace your fryer or refund your investment. That’s more than can be said of many other companies around.

More can be said of the “other” companies units. One point being that there are so fewer sizes to choose from. Another being that their units are cookie cutter. No modifications can be made.

The Cajun Fryer comes in many shapes and sizes. They range from a small 2 1\2 gallon unit, perfect for back yards, camping, and smaller tailgate parties, all the way up to a 17 gallon unit that is perfect for caterers, festival food vendors, and outdoor restaurants. There are 6 other sizes in between. Including, like the 17 gallon fryer, units that have 2 separate cooking compartments. The FF4R is an 8 gallon deep fryer, but it is comprised of 2 4 gallon units on one caddy. Should you have a smaller function going on and wish to only use the one side, that can be done. Or, if you are doing a fish fry, you can cook the fish strictly in one side, and save the other side for french fries, hush puppies, etc, without them getting any added fishy undertones from the oil.

The Cajun Fryers come with a rolling caddy to ease in portability. Should you not want the rolling caddy, so that you may add a fryer to a built in outdoor kitchen or attach the unit to a tailgate trailer, this can be done. Nothing is ever set in stone. Special orders can be accommodated within reason. If you need a unit taller, a caddy can be made taller. If you don’t need a double cooking compartment on a 17 gallon fryer, something can be done. If you are a funnel cake vendor, a unit can be made with the rings already in place. For restaurants and food vendors, all stainless steel units can be made. A locking and sealed lid can be custom manufactured, should you be a traveling vendor or hard core tailgater.

If you are considering an outdoor propane deep fryer, whether for home or for your business, the Cajun Fryer is an investment well worth making.

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