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Saturday, August 14, 2010 @ 08:08 AM

There are a few things to consider when choosing an oil to deep fry with.

Expense can be a factor for some. If you are frying with a counter top or stove top deep fryer, you may not need as much oil as if you are using an outdoor propane deep fryer or turkey fryer. Peanut oil can be higher up on the price end than say using a basic vegetable oil, like soybean oil. When you are buying enough oil to fill a 17 gal. Cajun Fryer, cost may be an issue. Hopefully if you are using a fryer that big, you are careful with your oil & store it properly & strain it after say every 5 uses. I would also think that you would be deep frying more often with a larger unit, than say someone that has a conventional turkey fryer that only takes the unit out of the garage once a year.

Another thing to consider is your target audience. Who are you feeding? Do you know if your friends, family, or crowd has peanut, or seed allergies? This is a major consideration if you will be cooking for the general public.

Lastly, you want to consider smoke point & flash point. The smoke point refers to the point where your deep frying oil starts to break down. This is the point you start to see the bluish smoke…smoke point. The smoke point of an oil will determine the maximum temperature in comparison to usability in certain cooking applications. Deep frying is done at high temperatures, so you need an oil with a high smoke point, not to mention a high flash point.  A flash point of a combustible liquid is the lowest temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air. An unmonitored propane deep fryer can turn into a very hazardous situation with any oil, even one with a high smoke & flash point. Olive oil has a very high smoke point, but is also very costly. Could you imagine how much it would cost to even fill a 2 1\2 gallon deep fryer with extra virgin olive oil? It would probably cost less to fill the 20 gallon gas tank on your old car.

Oils more suited to low temperature frying, like sauteed and stir fried foods would include olive oils, grape seed oil & walnut oil.

Most deep frying is done at 350-400 degrees F. An unrefined oil like sunflower or safflower has a very low smoking point, about 225 degrees F. But once refined you are looking at a 450 degree F smoking point. Good oils to use for deep frying include peanut oil (smoke point 448 degrees F), soybean oil (s.p. 466 degrees F), corn oil (s.p. 457 degrees F), palm oil (s.p. 446 degrees F) , rice bran oil (s.p. 489 degrees F), mustard oil (s.p. 489 degrees F) and the refined safflower & sunflower oils. I don’t know about your area, but where I live, coming across large quantities of mustard & rice bran oil is not even in the mix. To tell you the truth, I never even heard of them until I started researching frying oils.

Add a little kosher salt to your oil when it is almost ready. It may prevent some splattering. Remember to lower completely defrosted foods slowly into your deep fryer. Do not to put too much food in your in your fryer at one time it will lower the oil temperature too much causing the food to absorb oil instead of sealing it. Also make sure you bring your oil back to the proper temperature before starting a new batch, again, oil absorbtion & unhealthy, undesirable food.

Still, always remember to keep a watchful eye. Especially if you aren’t cooking with a counter top deep fryer with an emergency fail-safe high temp. shut off. A stove top fryer you can put a lid on, but that is not always the case with an outdoor fryer. Keep a multi- purpose fire extinguisher around at all times. And never, ever use water on an oil fire!

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