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Friday, July 23, 2010 @ 01:07 PM

I am a tailgater. There are lots of us out there. Even if you are just going to the lake with a cooler & a picnic basket…technically, that’s a tailgate party. I met some people at a lake recently. They brought everything in the canoe. Cooler, food, the dog, and a charcoal grill. Just because it’s not at the game in the parking lot, or behind the back straight away, you’re still tailgating. My favorite tailgate is when we go to the last NASCAR race of the year. Then, I have a motor home with a working refrigerator. It does make life easier. We still do all of the cooking outside though. We fire up the Brinkmann grill and make all kinds of great stuff. Scallops wrapped in bacon on skewers, marinated pork tenderloin, butterflied leg of lamb marinated in tequila & green tomatillo salsa. Hey, just because you’re tailgating doesn’t mean burgers & hot dogs. Who doesn’t love a good brat with sauted onions in beer? We even get the crock pot going & leave it to cook all day while we’re in watching the races. I know I’m not the only crock pot tailgater out there. I’ve seen them at the NHRA tracks. It’s nice come back and have dinner all ready. All you need to do is dish it out. I’ve made pulled pork, beef stew, and chili that way. All the prep is done in the morning before you hit the track. It’s nice when the cook can come back to the lot after a long day in the sun & just kick back, eat, drink beer & enjoy friends. So, what’s your favorite way to tailgate? Deep fryer, charcoal grill, crock pot, BBQ smoker? Inquiring minds want to know. Besides, I need some ideas for my next tailgate.

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