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Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 09:03 AM

It is finally time to get back out side. There may still be a chill in the air, but the tree buds are swelling, the bulbs are popping. It is time to start grilling again.

Some people grill year round. Up until this last winter I was a year round griller myself. The last time I used the grill was New Year’s Day. We have had more snow in one season than I can remember in all of my 44 years in the region that I live in. There were times that I wanted to grill but there was so much snow on the grill cover and I would have had to dig a path, that I just couldn’t do it. Sounds like a cop out even to me. In younger days I’d have been out there with a snow shovel and a broom to brush off the grill. But as I said, I have no recollection of this much snow here in all my years on this earth. My Pop used to keep the grill in the garage in the winter. He would pop the door open and stand there and grill steaks, burgers, chops, whatever. I unfortunately do not have a garage. I would keep it in the shed, but the shed is small and filled pretty much to the brim with mower, tiller, snow blower, etc. Not really room in there for my grill, let alone starting it up in there in the middle of winter.

Well enough said. I whimped out this past winter. My grill has now been idle for 2 1\2 months. It is not probable that spiders have nested in to my burner tubes, but a good cleaning and once over of any propane grill after sitting idle is a good idea. You should check over your grill at least twice a year anyway and it’s a good idea to inspect your hoses and tanks any time that you are about to add flame to LP gas. For further info you can revisit our posts on Cleaning and Maintenance and Checking Your LP Gas Tank for Leaks.

Even if you don’t use a propane grill, it is time for us Northerners to get back out side to grill. Go buy a bag of charcoal, get some hickory chip, or apple wood. Fire up that Brinkmann smoker grill.. Get your Weber going. Take the old Hibachi out of the garage. Let’s push grilling and BBQ season into full swing. Time to cook some meat! Slow or fast, whatever your pleasure. Spring is in the air! So should be the smell of grilling meat!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011 @ 07:02 PM

I love to cook. I love sharing good food with friends and family. I love getting together and cooking with other people. I love trying new things. I have never tried to totally specialize. I am not a specialized saucier, I am not just a baker, I don’t just do entrees.But then again, I guess no one tries to specialize, some people just excel better at some things than others. And some people just can’t cook at all. But it never hurts to try new things, right? It doesn’t mean that everything is going to come out right the first time every time but, hey it may be worth trying again.

I never learned to cook from my mom, which is where most people learn, from mom or grandma. My mom was a mediocre cook and not very daring. She could pickle perfectly, she could bake so-so, but she could cook a roast with a pressure cooker with gravy that was in it’s own food group. Her mom was a baker! Big time. My pop’s mom, was a good cook. Simple, but comfy and tasty. My pop, was a wiz with the grill. He could take a 7 bone chuck steak and make it melt like butter, cooked to perfection. He was also a mass production cook. He used to be part of the local volunteer fire department’s cooking committee, feeding all the men at every meeting. But it was after I left home that I really learned to cook. Bachelor friends were the one’s that perfected my craft.

As I said, my pop was a griller, so I once was under the impression that the grill was a man’s domain. Fire, meat, smoke, stabby, prongy, pokey things. Boy was I wrong. I got started outdoor cooking, and now you can’t stop me. Not only do I have a grill, I have a BBQ smoker & an outdoor propane deep fryer. The old man knows not to come near me once I get going. We cook indoors together all the time, but the outdoor world now belongs to me. Outdoor cooking really all started with tailgating at NASCAR races. I started practicing stuff at home so that I could wow the tailgate. It all snow balled from there and now I cook outdoors as much as indoors. I do need to master the art of open fire cooking with cast iron cookware. But, I have pretty much excelled at all otherĀ  cooking venues so far. I’m no Julia Child or Mario Batali but I can hold my own. I know Mario uses a grill, and tailgates as well…not so sure that Julia ever went there though.

I have dubbed myself “The Queen Of Comfort Food”. So I guess in retrospect, I have specialized my cooking. I do not make pretty, fancy little morsels that leave you feeling hungry 20 minutes later. I love to fill all bellies! But I still want everything to taste GREAT! And that includes everything from breakfast to dessert. I now bake, grill, deep fry, pickle, stew, braise, roast, smoke, I am up for just about anything. Life isn’t interesting if you don’t get out there and try the water! You have to try new things to find out if you are good at it. Get out there. Try something new. Try a new recipe. Try a new type of cooking. Watch a cooking show. Get inspired! But, have fun!

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