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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 @ 09:03 PM

The ways of the world have certainly changed of late. The food industry has taken a slight turn. After the stock market crash and the huge rise in unemployment, many people have turned to the food industry to supplement or replace old incomes. People have to eat no matter what. People can cook, or they can’t. Some people are better than others at cooking, but some things do not take a degree in brain surgery to cook.

In the past, even in my life time, when times were hard, people were and are still going out to eat. Maybe not to real fancy restaurants, but a place that serves a good meal for a fair price, usually has a full parking lot, especially on the weekends. For people that are still working, after a long work week, who wants to cook dinner? There is a local eatery that I like to frequent, and have for years now, almost every Friday. The food is decent, the prices are fair, and they actually have the added bonus of a free salad and free soft beverages, tap beer and house wine with your meal. It is family friendly and even my picky kids managed to find something to eat every time we go there. They have a very large burger menu but they also serve other things like fish, chicken, steak, etc.

So as I said, people still have to eat. You can eat while you are at work, you eat at festivals, you can even eat at the beach or just walking down the street. Some people have decided to try and cash in on this. Food carts have been around for centuries. People used to sell bread and wine at stadiums and arenas in ancient Rome and Greece. In past years, things more likely to be seen were pretzel and hot dog carts in big cities like New York. Starbuck’s coffee carts in Seattle.There were hot dog trucks on the side of the road. Coffee trucks pulled into industrial area parking lots where people didn’t have a deli or pizza place close enough to grab a quick bite. Ice cream trucks and food vendors with all kinds of food could be found at fairs. Many deep fried foods like french fries, fried dough, and funnel cakes are standard festival food products. All of these staples are still available, but let me tell you, we’ve come a long way from the hot dog truck baby!

The West Coast of the United States has virtually exploded with food vendors, food trucks and food carts. It is spreading slowly across the states too. The choices of food are endless too. We are talking basic American fare like burgers and pressed sandwiches to foods with strong ethnic roots from every region of the world. And we are not just talking any old burgers either. You can get gourmet burgers right on the side of the road. People are trailering BBQ smokers and outdoor propane deep fryers and setting up for the lunch crowd on a daily basis. Deep fry carts are not just for the fair grounds anymore. You can set up a Friday Night Fish Fry almost anywhere now. Fish tacos are gaining popularity throughout the U.S. now. You can pull up to a food truck and get empanadas or gumbo. You can find fine French cuisine or all organic food. The options are endless and people are coming up with new ideas every day.

They do say that necessity is the mother of invention. If you lost your job, and can’t find a new one, why not create one for yourself. Find something that you can cook well and bring it to the masses. You will want to look into the laws of your state and city regarding the sale of food to the public, and the operation of deep fryers and grills in public places, but why not? Our nation was formed by people with new thoughts and ideas. People gotta eat! Why not go out there and feed them?

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