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Tuesday, July 5, 2011 @ 11:07 AM

I love watching programs relating with food. This has been a passion of mine since I was a small child. Back then there was not a lot to choose from. When I was a kid, I loved The Galloping Gourmet. I got such a kick out of Graham Kerr jumping over counters and his passion for good food and wine. As the years went by, more and more cooking programs began to appear. From Julia Child and The Frugal Gourmet to Yan Can Cook and then Graham Kerr reinventing himself  with lower fat yet higher flavored meals.

We’ve come a long way since then haven’t we? Not only do we still have PBS cooking shows, we now have 2 food channels, do it yourself television showing multiple cooking programs, and my favorite…The Travel Channel. The Travel Channel has jumped on the food band wagon by adding such favorites as Man VS Food, Bizarre Foods, and whatever Paradise they deem fit. Bacon Paradise, Deep Fried Paradise, Ice Cream Paradise, Steak and BBQ Paradise, etc. This is a program where they show the 10 best places to get this favorite type of food within the United States.

I happened to be watching an episode of Man Vs Food the other day. Adam Richman had journeyed to The California State Fair. There were many deep fried food vendors there. Obviously Adam had to sample some of the fried fare. Most of these food vendors are set up in an outdoor atmosphere and not in a food truck. They were cooking all sorts of delectables with their outdoor propane deep fryers. One vendor was doing mostly sweet stuff. Everything was dipped in a funnel cake batter and then deep fried. Cheese cake, cookie dough, etc. One thing that stood out at that stand was a monstrous deep fried Twinkie. It was 3 Twinkies placed together on a stick, dipped in batter and deep fried. There was another vendor that put a twist on his potato twisters. This vendor decided to put a hot dog on the stick and then place the spiral potato around the hot dog before deep frying the whole thing. Now you may think that deep fried hot dogs sound weird, but I have had one before. I found out about a place in New Jersey, from a food program with Guy Fieri, and the Travel Channel. This place is called Rutt’s Hut. It is famous for it’s deep fried hot dogs. The Ripper, being fried just until the skin rips, to The Cremator which goes well beyond the ripping stage. If you ever get to Clifton, NJ you need to stop by and give these savory dogs a whirl. It was well worth the side trip.

Food TV has come a long way over the years. Obviously I was not the only one inspired by watching others cook. The multitude of food information that can be gotten from chefs on TV and the internet is astounding. We all have our favorites, we all have our non-favorites. But that is what life is all about, having choices. Need an idea for dinner tonight? Turn on The Food Channel or Food Network and get inspired!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011 @ 11:06 AM

The world of Brick and Mortar restaurants is being taken over by the food cart, food truck and catering industry. A mobile restaurant is a great way to go in this day and age. Many restaurants have actually taken up catering to implement their already established businesses. Many people are just stepping away from their old careers and striking a new path by jumping on this mobile food industry band wagon. I know a lawyer that left his practice, bought a deep fryer and just started doing french fries at festivals. People are setting up at street fairs and festivals. They are setting up at the local farmer’s markets. I know many people that have just started catering businesses. They show up with grills and deep fryers and start cooking.

One key factor to being successful in the outdoor eatery is being unique. Offering something different than the food truck or festival food vendor next to you is a great way to get noticed.

Having mobile cooking equipment is another key to this end of the industry. Adding a outdoor propane deep fryer to your cooking equipment can be a very valuable asset. You can add side dishes like onion straws or potato twisters to your menu. You can go all out and base your whole menu on the deep fryer. Everyone loves deep fried food. Empanadas, fish tacos, chicken fingers are just a few main entree items that need a deep fryer. You can offer a Friday night fish fry to your clients. You may want to take a completely different direction and just offer confections, like deep fried cookies or zepoles (fried dough balls). There are many options that can be offered, many new ideas to explore.

Everyone has to eat. If you are considering a new career path or adding to your existing food vending menu, consider adding a propane deep fryer to your business.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011 @ 06:01 PM

For those of you that have been thinking of starting a food business, whether a food truck, catering business, restaurant, or just setting up at the local festivals and fairs, and outdoor propane deep fryer is for you. Even if you have one of these businesses already, a deep fat fryer can be very handy for your business.

If you have a seasonal restaurant or outdoor patio dining in warmer weather, deep frying foods outside for your patrons can be very helpful. The food will be available quicker for your customer’s eating pleasure.

A catering business gets much more business in the summer months. People having outdoor weddings and family functions can enjoy fresh deep fried chicken or fish. Not everything has to be just grilled or warmed in a chaffing dish. Depending on the type of outdoor deep fryer that you have, you can even add Low Country Boil or New England Clam Bake to your summer catering menu. If your outdoor catering is centered more on grilled items, then you can use your stock pot and propane cooker to steam corn on the cob or boil potatoes.

The thought of owning a food truck and starting your own business is a great prospect. Especially for people that may have lost a job in the past few years and have been struggling with unemployment or dead end jobs. The west coast is booming right now with the food truck business. Everything from zeppoles to wings, gourmet burgers to fine French cuisine. Food trucks are not just for ice cream and the basic lunch crowd anymore.

But you may not be ready to purchase a truck yet. Maybe you want to start out smaller and get a feel for the food industry. Start out with a basic turkey fryer kit. Learn to use it, cook with it, get to know it’s nuances. Then set up at the church bazaar. Go to a local car show. Set up at a small local fair. We all know how big a part of street fairs and festivals that deep fried food plays. Once you get used to the art of deep frying or steaming and stewing with your fryer kit, then you can upgrade. Either upgrade your fryer to a larger commercial grade fryer, or stick with what you have and go to a larger festival and see how you do. Once you get used to all the ins and outs of the commercial food business, eventually you can get a truck or larger fryer and expand your business. The point is to start smaller and learn the trade. You don’t want to jump in head first and loose your life’s savings by purchasing top of the line equipment and slowly finding things out the hard way.

So, if you are considering a new career in the food industry or expanding the food business you already have, an outdoor deep fryer is an investment worth making.

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