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Wednesday, June 8, 2011 @ 11:06 AM

The world of Brick and Mortar restaurants is being taken over by the food cart, food truck and catering industry. A mobile restaurant is a great way to go in this day and age. Many restaurants have actually taken up catering to implement their already established businesses. Many people are just stepping away from their old careers and striking a new path by jumping on this mobile food industry band wagon. I know a lawyer that left his practice, bought a deep fryer and just started doing french fries at festivals. People are setting up at street fairs and festivals. They are setting up at the local farmer’s markets. I know many people that have just started catering businesses. They show up with grills and deep fryers and start cooking.

One key factor to being successful in the outdoor eatery is being unique. Offering something different than the food truck or festival food vendor next to you is a great way to get noticed.

Having mobile cooking equipment is another key to this end of the industry. Adding a outdoor propane deep fryer to your cooking equipment can be a very valuable asset. You can add side dishes like onion straws or potato twisters to your menu. You can go all out and base your whole menu on the deep fryer. Everyone loves deep fried food. Empanadas, fish tacos, chicken fingers are just a few main entree items that need a deep fryer. You can offer a Friday night fish fry to your clients. You may want to take a completely different direction and just offer confections, like deep fried cookies or zepoles (fried dough balls). There are many options that can be offered, many new ideas to explore.

Everyone has to eat. If you are considering a new career path or adding to your existing food vending menu, consider adding a propane deep fryer to your business.

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