Cooking a Turkey on your Charcoal Grill Continued

Thursday, July 15, 2010 @ 07:07 AM

Today were are going to grill or smoke our turkeys.

As I said we want a large charcoal grill or bbq smoker with a lid.

Get 2 turkeys, about 10-13 lbs each

1\2 cup of the infused pepper oil that you made earlier in the week

1\2 cup of tequila or dark beer(whatever your preference).

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. dried, crushed thyme

Start by soaking your wood chips if you are going to add smoke.

Wash and dry the turkeys. Remove giblets, neck, & excess fat & set aside to make giblet gravy later on. (I always set mine right in a sauce pan on the stove and make stock for gravy while I am cooking the bird).

Combine the infused oil, beer or tequila, salt & thyme. Rub the birds generously with the marinade. Tie the legs and wings securely with butcher’s twine.

Let them sit while you start the grill. Light a nice sized fire…3-5 lbs of charcoal in our large lidded grill. Let your coals get hot, 35-40 mins. Now set up for indirect grilling. Move the coals to one side. Place a drip pan( nice sized aluminum foil pan) opposite the coals on the bottom grate. (Now is the time to add your soaked wood chips for smoking).

Place the birds over the drip pan, breast side up, with the wings towards the charcoal. Baste the birds with more of your marinade and cover the grill.

Cook with the grill covered for about 2-2 1\2 hours or until internal temp. reaches 180 degrees F. You want to baste the birds and turn them end to end every half hour or so while cooking. Also add more charcoal & wood chips as needed.

When done let the birds rest about 20 mins. before carving. Serve with your giblet or turkey stock gravy and some grilled fruit.

Tomorrow we will discuss the grilled fruit for a side dish.

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