Cooking a Turkey on your Charcoal Grill

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 @ 08:07 AM

You can just as easily grill or smoke a turkey as deep frying or baking it. Some of the best turkey gravy that I ever had came from a bird grilled on a Brinkmann charcoal grill. (You could also use your bbq smoker, or gas grill).

For this application, we are going to use a large charcoal grill, with a cover.

Today we are going to discuss making some pepper infused oil  to rub on the turkey. You want to do this a few days to a week in advance.

Go out to the garden & pick 2 branches of fresh rosemary & 2 sprigs of thyme. (Most local grocery stores carry common fresh herbs).

You want 1-2 fresh chili peppers, like serrano or jalapeno.

2 cloves garlic, peeled and cut in half

6-10 small dried red chili peppers ( you’re on your own here… I have a stash of them at home. Had a bumper crop last year. Try the market or get online).

6-10 black pepper corns

6 juniper berries (very seasonal item at the market… I found mine online).

2 c. olive oil

Wash and dry your herbs and fresh chili pepper.

Place them in a sterilized glass bottle that has a lid. Add the garlic, dried chili peppers, juniper berries and black pepper corns.

Heat the oil over moderate heat. You can use a thermometer. Bring the oil to about 180-200 degrees F. Pour the heated oil over everything in the sterilized bottle. Cover and cool. When it’s cool, put it in the refrigerator. Check your oil for a desired flavor and then strain out the solids when the desired flavor is reached. Store the oil in the refrigerator between uses. Best if used within 2 weeks. Works great for morning hash browns!

Tomorrow were going to get ready to grill or smoke our turkeys.

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