Pepper steak on the grill

Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 02:08 PM

I’ve been finding skirt steak quite interesting lately. I came across this tidbit that I would like to share. It is a grilled pepper steak using a marinated skirt steak.

Get yourself a 1 1\2 lb – 2 lb skirt steak. You want to marinate it for at least an hour in a glass pan. You can cut into about 6 long portions, before or after you marinate, your preference. You will need 6 metal or wooden skewers. If you have wood start soaking them while you are marinating.


1\2 cup red wine vinegar

1\2 cup apple juice

1\4 cup finely grated onion

1 minced clove garlic

2 tbsp. rubbed dried sage

1 tbsp. black pepper

1 tbsp dry ground mustard

1 tsp. salt

1 cup olive oil

When the steak is done marinating you are going to thread the meat onto skewers weaving the meat in and around pearl or bulb onions and large pieces of bell pepper or jalapenos if you like it hot.You can thread some mushrooms too if you like.

Take the marinade & boil it for at least 3 minutes to use as a baste while grilling the skewers.

Cook over hot coals on your Brinkmann charcoal grill, about 3-4 inches from the heat. Grill for 12-15 minutes, turning to grill on all sides. Baste the skewers with your boiled marinade while they cook.

Take off the grill & serve immediately.

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3 Responses to “Pepper steak on the grill”

  1. Boris Chhon says:

    Cast iron cookware is the best, plain and simple. I used non-stick stuff for a long time, but a nice, big steak done in a cast iron pan is on a completely different level. Besides, you can buy a high quality skillet for maybe 70 dollars and it will last you a lifetime. The non-stick stuff may last 4 years or so if you are very lucky. If you dig around a bit, you can often get a quality pan for a discount. There are always some awesome offers on cast iron cookware listed on the cast iron pots website. Alright, that did it, now I’m hungry. I’m off to the kitchen to clog my arteries with some steak and eggs.

  2. wigelnyatt says:

    I totally agree with you…the non-stick is a totally different animal. Besides, over time, they nick & peel. I don’t care how well you take care of them. Cast iron, taken care of properly, will last a lifetime!

  3. wigelnyatt says:

    Do you have a blog?

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