Moving with Your Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Friday, July 29, 2011 @ 12:07 PM

Moving across town is a hassle. Moving to a whole new state is stressful and a major pain in the neck.

You will find out that moving any LP gas tanks that you have is a big no, no. No moving company will move any sort of gas tanks. You can always give them away and you will just have to buy new ones when you arrive at your new destination.

This does not mean that you need to leave your gas grill, BBQ smoker, or outdoor propane deep fryers behind. Just remove the tanks, clean them up. Make sure there is no grease in your grill’s drip pans and make sure your deep fryer is free of frying oil. If your moving company is good, they will take the necessary care to ship your outdoor cooking equipment with out damaging them.

If you are moving yourself with a rented truck or shipping container, there are a few tricks you should use. As I said, make sure the grease traps are clean and that any oil from your fryer is cleaned out of the cooking compartment. Take moving tape, tape to the handle of your grill, but then flip the tape over so that the sticky part of  the tape is on the outside. You do not want the sticky residue from the tape stuck to your cooking equipment or any finish on the equipment being ripped off when you remove tape. Wrap the backward tape around doors and lids so that nothing can open and damage or harm other items in your moving truck. Any glass windows on your cooking equipment should be covered with cardboard and taped over. If you like you may then wrap the unit in a moving blanket for extra protection. If you have a unit that comes in pieces, disassemble the major parts and wrap them up in moving blankets.

Good luck with your move.

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