Car Show Tailgating

Thursday, May 26, 2011 @ 12:05 PM

This post may not be what you are thinking. This is regarding tailgate party, not tailgating cars.

I go to many car shows and cruise nights. Some are a few hours, some are all day events, some are weekend long events. The cruise nights are usually just a few folks hanging around, looking at each others cars, talking shop and parts, and sitting in collapsible chairs. Some cruises do actually involve food. The cruise that I attended last night, takes place at a local volunteer fire department, every Tuesday. They actually set up grills, cook burgers and hot dogs, and now they even have a blender that they make frosty drinks with. There was one car, a 1966 Comet, that not only showed up with their collapsible chairs, they also brought a folding picnic table. Now that is a great tailgater.

I have gone to an antique truck and tractor show and brought a picnic lunch in a cooler. I ate it right on the tailgate of my truck, forgot my chairs. There was food provided, but it was a two day function and I wanted to tailgate.

We attended a 3 day long car show/race this past weekend, The 9th Annual Jalopy Showdown in Latimore, Pa. There was much tailgating involved. People came for a day and just drank there way through. Some people came for the weekend, and camped and tailgated all weekend. I met 2 young men, brothers, that actually brought a BBQ smoker to set up and cook and sell to the tailgaters. That is innovation for you.

There was one young couple that came from Dover, Del. They set up a tailgate kitchen and found a spot to burn charcoal right on the ground to slow cook ribs.

Some people may call it camping, but I still view it as a tailgate. There were people from all over there for an event. They were not just at a campground. There was a museum, a car show, and an actual car race. People were sharing a common interest, having fun, making memories, telling stories, sharing a cold beer and breaking bread with each other. That is what tailgating is all about, isn’t it?

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    I was looking for your site on facebook. maybe you have a fan page set up there?

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    Yes, we are on Facebook as The Deep Fryer Depot.

  3. wigelnyatt says:

    You may find us on Facebook as The Deep Fryer Depot.

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