Lessons Learned

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 @ 08:12 PM

I am a fool. I was confronted by a company that told me they would knock my socks off and build me a new web site. It was supposed to be a whole new site devoted to outdoor propane deep fryers grills, smokers, and tailgating supplies. I really did not have the extra money to spend. I actually had to make payments on it. I was not supposed to make my final payment until everything was set up. I was told that I would be dazzled and falling all over myself. All they have done is cut and paste from my own web site…all work that I have already done myself. I was given a home page picture with nothing on it and was told that I had to now make my final payment before they would down load anything. Now all they have done is cut and paste everything. They pictures don’t match the products or anything. I am a moron. Lesson learned.

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