Tailgating: Storing your Cooking Gear for Travel

Sunday, August 29, 2010 @ 09:08 AM

Storing your cooking gear for travel, to and from the game or track is very important. You do not want to get to the lot and find out that you have no lid for your grill or BBQ smoker, because it blew off on the interstate. You don’t want to get home after a great day of tailgating and find the same. Having to buy new equipment because something was carelessly tied down, in this economy, is not an option. We need to take care of the things we’ve already got.

Not everyone has a motor home or enclosed trailer to store their gear in. Some of us only have open utility trailers or the beds of our pick up trucks. In this case scenario, take the extra minute or two, and secure your stuff. Put your grill behind the cab of the pickup with the hinged side of the lid to the back of the cab. Tie it securely and bungee the lid too. It never hurts to take extra precaution.

I recently took my outdoor propane deep fryer to a local butcher to demonstrate the fryer to their clientele. The fryer comes on a rolling caddy which makes it quite portable and perfect for tailgating. The fryer unit does separate from the rolling caddy. For transport purposes, you should never travel with the fryer still attached to the caddy. All it takes is a screwdriver & a wrench, loosen 1 bolt & you can separate the fryer quite easily. Secure your fryer unit behind the cab, just like your grill. Never transport with oil in the unit either. (If you don’t have time to let oil cool, get yourself a clean metal Gerry can and a radiator hose. Get the appropriate end to hook up to your oil drain valve and you can drain the hot oil before you enter the stadium for the game. Store the Gerry can out of harms way & this will help your fryer cool down quicker as well).

If all you have is an open utility trailer, you obviously don’t have any wind protection. So…take the time you need to make sure your gear is secure!!!!Before & after the game.

Most importantly…have fun and be safe!!!!

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