Testing an LP tank for a gas leak

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 @ 08:08 PM

When cooking with gas, safety is key. One safety procedure is testing your LP gas tank for leaks everytime you hook your propane tank up to you outdoor deep fryer, BBQ smoker, or grill. Before we go over the steps to checking for gas leaks, there are some important things to remember:

Gas leak testing should be performed in a well ventilated area. During testing, keep the unit away from open flames, sparks, or lit cigarettes.

NEVER use a flame to check for gas leaks.

If the burner does not light within 5 seconds, turn propane tank valve off immediately. Always wait at least 5 minutes for gas fumes to dissipate before repeating the procedure.

Always use the propane tank valve to turn your fryer, grill, or smoker on and off.

Never use a tank that has a gas leak.

Tomorrow we will go through the proper steps of testing for gas leaks.

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