Using your Cajun Fryer for the first time

Monday, August 9, 2010 @ 09:08 AM

Using your Cajun fryer for the first time may be a little tricky, but after the first time or so, with practice, you will get the hang of your new outdoor propane deep fryer.

First you want to wash your new deep fat fryer with dish soap & warm water. Rinse thoroughly. Dry the unit with a sponge or dry cloth & then spray down with some cooking spray. This will prevent rusting.  (Always make sure your cooker is dry, as hot oil & water don’t mix).

Remember that these units are for outdoor use. Make sure you find a suitable location to set up your Cajun fryer. You want a hard, level, non-combustible,  stable surface. Preferably concrete , asphalt, or ground. And someplace that will support the weight of your fryer. If it is windy, do not move your cooker indoors or into an enclosed area. In windy weather, place the fryer in an outdoor area that is protected from the wind, with the cooker facing the wind. Proper clearance of 10 feet between the cooker and any structures or combustible materials should be maintained at all times. Make sure the kids and the dogs have somewhere else to play.

Hook up the regulator to the propane tank. But don’t open the tank yet.

Fill the unit with cooking oil. To do that, place the fryer basket into cooking position, fill the reservoir to approx. 3-4 wires from the top of the basket. When opening the lid on your fryer, make sure that it gets pushed all the way back onto the lid support bracket, otherwise it may fall forward & you can be injured. Never cook with the lid down. However the lid & many other of the cooker’s surfaces may & will get hot during use. Always wear oven mitts or gloves and avoid touching hot surfaces.

Always use caution when lighting your cooker. Get a long stemmed trigger propane or candle lighter. Make sure the needle valve is closed. Crank open LP tank about 1\4 of a turn. Light your propane lighter, stick it in the hole, then crack open the needle valve. Do not let propane to build up in the exhaust stack. If the cooker does not ignite in 3 seconds, close the needle valve and wait a minute before attempting too light. Also never place you body in front of or near the opening of the exhaust stack. With propane gas the oil should take 12-22 minutes to heat depending on the size of the unit & if it is below 32 degrees outside. It could take a little longer if you are tailgating in Minnesota in the middle of winter. And a full 5 gal. tank should last 5-8 hours.

Never move your fryer while it is in use or when it contains hot oil. Speaking of moving your fryer, when tailgating use caution when transporting unit in a vehicle. Remove the cooker from the stand and make sure everything is tied down securely, cooker, stand, and propane tank. Do not transport with oil in the cooker.

You should always have a multi purpose fire extinguisher on hand. Never leave your fryer unattended. Remember that the oil will remain hot for up to 3 hours. Use caution and common sense & follow the safety guidelines and your fryer will give you many hours of enjoyment.

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