The dangers of walking away from your grill

Sunday, August 8, 2010 @ 04:08 PM

Well, I did something today that I constantly tell people never to do. I was smoking ribs so on my Brinkmann grill for 3 hours, constantly monitoring temps & wood. I was using a smoker box and foil packages.  Came time to wrap the ribs in foil with honey, brown sugar, and apple cider. I had debated with myself to take my set up foil with honey, etc, outside to wrap the ribs, and decided that it would just be easier to bring them inside the house and do it on the counter. Still had some wood chunks left in a foil package. I took them off and place them on top of my leather work gloves that I was using for my pot holders. It was just smoking a little and I figured if it was off the flames it would just go out. I went in and wrapped my ribs. Went to put them back on the grill, walked out & had a full blown fire on the side shelf of my grill. Thank goodness I had a hose & a bucket of water right there. So…to myself & everyone else….never leave the grill unattended…and don’t do something stupid like I did. I put the smoker box on the top shelf to finish smoking… don’t know why I thought any different of a smoking foil package!

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