Assembling your new Cajun Fryer

Saturday, August 7, 2010 @ 12:08 PM

The assembly of your new Cajun fryer, an outdoor propane deep fryer, is quite simple. You need a 7\16 wrench, a large Phillips head screw driver, and some channel locks and an adjustable wrench may come in handy as well. One person can accomplish this quite easily, but having two people will shorten assembly time. The unit comes with all the screws and nuts you need and an easy picture guide for assembly. Please read your operating manual as well. There are some other tips in there you may find handy.

Before your first use you want to wash the deep fryer with dishwashing detergent and warm water. Afterward make sure you properly remove any excess water with a sponge or dry cloth. Then spray with cooking spray, to prevent rust.

There are even pre-made slits in the metal for bungee cord attachment to hold your LP gas tank in place.

If you decide to take your fryer tailgating, you should never travel with the fryer unit on the stand. It lifts off quite easily, and place it in a secure spot so that it won’t move. Tie the unit down if necessary. This holds true for your rolling stand & your propane tank. The fryer compartment should also be stored without the oil in it while transporting.

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