Jazzing up your Burgers

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 @ 05:08 PM

No one ever said that hamburgers on your Brinkmann grill had to be boring. Why not jazz them up a little by adding some spices or a different kind of cheese.

Take a pound of chopped meat and mix in a package of boxed French onion soup mix.

Add some Worcestershire sauce and onion powder to the meat.

Sprinkle  some chili  powder and onion powder on the meat, mix  and melt pepper jack cheese on top when they’re almost done cooking.

Take your mini food processor and mince up an onion and a green pepper. Better yet, get some ground sausage & put in the minced onion and peppers. Melt provolone cheese on top & serve on onion buns that you toasted on the top rack of your grill.

You can make burgers out of any kind of ground meat. For health conscious people you might want to try different things with ground chicken or ground turkey. Tip: when you buy the ground turkey or chicken, check the fat content. Sometimes they combine the fatty skin in the mix rendering it not so low fat anymore.

For the less healthy conscious, like I said, they make ground meat out of all different kinds of meat. You can make pork burgers and serve with barbecue sauce. Or mix a little barbecue sauce right into the meat. Make lamb burgers, veal burgers, buffalo burgers.Wait…ostrich burgers!

Make meat loaf burgers. Get the combo meat pack already mixed at the store, or buy separate ground meats and mix it yourself. Throw in an egg & some bread crumbs. Add chopped onions & mushrooms if you want.

I’ve even seen people put cheese on the inside of the burger. It’s tricky, but it can be done. Cut a nice pat of Vermont cheddar & enclose it within a nice mound of ground sirloin. Make sure it is completely sealed and throw it on the grill. Serve this on a nice sourdough or Kaiser roll with fresh sliced tomato & a slab red onion.

Wow! Some of these combos I mentioned might actually be worthy of grilling up at a tailgate party. I might have to re-plan my next tailgate menu.

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