The Ban of Tailgate Grilling With Charcoal

Monday, August 2, 2010 @ 09:08 AM

I love to cook with charcoal. As a working mom, I found that grilling with a propane gas Brinkmann grill was much quicker and easier. We could still have grilled food and not be eating a meal at 9:00 at night. Tailgating is somewhat similar. If you got stuck in traffic on the way to the track or arrived late at the stadium, waiting for charcoal to heat up is not always an option. But if all you have is a charcoal grill, what are you going to do? You heat your charcoal, cook in a rush, and then run into the stadium to watch the game. Now, what did you do with that still hot charcoal grill? You can’t turn off the charcoal.

Many stadium owners and management companies are starting to place a ban on the use of charcoal grills at their venues. Earlier this year, a careless tailgater, placed a small charcoal grill under their car to burn down while they were in watching the game. Unfortunately, it heated up the gas tank, which exploded, burning the car & damaging other vehicles near by. This is not the first time an occurrence like this has happened. Numerous car fires occur every year at college & pro-football games due to improper handling of hot coals. Some venues provide hot charcoal disposal bins, but some tailgaters are lazy & won’t use them, and some people throw trash in them which can also start a fire. People  dump burning coals on the asphalt which can lead to people getting burned. Grills get left outside the car to burn out, which can get knocked over & cause damage to cars & people.

The no charcoal ban is not a new idea. The city of Anaheim, California initiated a ban in 1985 which is still in effect today. People are still allowed to use gas grills because the ordinance states that all grills must be able to be immediately extinguished by closing the valve to the fuel supply. The ban was put in effect to order to protect the public.

It is unfortunate for people that do take proper care & for those of us that love to tailgate with charcoal. This ban seems to be spreading. Some people like to have a quick disposable charcoal go & grill type of deal that they can just throw out. But there again, just throwing it out is one of the hazards that initiated the ban to begin with. Many venues also have Tailgating Only lots. Some of these lots charge for the luxury of you being able to cook. Not great when you figure that you already had to pay out extra money to buy a gas grill. But we love our sports, and we love to eat. I guess it’s just a luxury price that most of us will have to pay!

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