Using A Larger Unit Cajun Fryer

Friday, July 30, 2010 @ 12:07 PM

The Cajun Fryer is a safer, commercial grade, outdoor deep fryer unit.

A Cajun fryer is a propane fryer unit that was designed with customer safety in mind. Fire burns inside of metal heating tubes that run through the oil. Any fire is actually on the back or side of the unit. Any oil spillage that may occur would be out of the front of the unit. Therefore no fire and oil would touch. This creates a much safer cooking environment. The baskets are made of long lasting rugged construction, nickle plated, and have plastic coated cool touch handles.

The burner is positioned 6″ above the bottom of the oil reservoir and is at a 45 degree angle. This prevents food sediment from collecting on the burner and allows it to fall to the bottom of the reservoir. Since heat rises, the specially designed VEE bottomed reservoir never gets hotter than 120 degrees. This isn’t hot enough to burn or scorch food residue. This helps to keep the oil clean, cooking after cooking. When the oil stays cleaner, the food always tastes good, never scorched. But as I said heat rises, so the fire in the tubes will heat the oil above in the cooking chamber to a sufficient enough temperature to fry any type of food. Since the sediment in the bottom does not burn, you can double the life expectancy of your oil. You should strain the oil after about every 5 uses, but you won’t need to change the oil for 25-30 uses. That’s about a 70 % reduction in oil use. You can recoup your oil investment in no time.

The larger units have multiple baskets, for alternate cooking, but some of the units have 2 separate cooking compartments. That way if you are at home or at a smaller function, you have the option of just using one side of the unit instead of both.That is half the oil. Or you could cook fish in one side & fries in the other. We all know how fish likes to leave it’s flavor with the oil. That way you can keep your fishy oil separate for just fish & hush puppies, and have the other for un-fishy food items. You can always remove the baskets as well, and use is as a turkey fryer.

The units come with a rolling caddy for portability. Some of the smaller units can be separated from the caddy to use as a table top unit or for tailgating. They can also be made in stainless steel if you prefer. This is especially nice for fire department kitchens.

The smallest unit is a single basket unit and holds 2 1\2 gallons of oil. This is good for home & very small tailgates. You could feed 12-15 people per hour. The largest unit, has 2 separate 8 1\2 gal. fryers on one unit. So you can serve 65-70 people per hour by using just one half, or you can get both sides going and serve up to 150 people per hour. That’s alot of wings and french fries.

The Cajun Fryers are much safer than conventional fryers and more efficient. They come in a variety of sizes from home to commercial use. They are versatile, high performance, and low maintenance gas fryers made in the U.S.A. & are unsurpassed in quality.

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