BBQ Smokers all over

Saturday, July 3, 2010 @ 07:07 AM

I have been touring Vermont over the past 2 days. I am amazed at how many BBQ smokers I have been seeing. They are everywhere. People’s back yards, out back behind restaurants, there is even a shack set up with a rolling smoker. They just show up on weekends & sell to passers by. They call themselves “Smokin’ Bowls”.  I even saw a trailer set up selling BBQed pulled pork outside of a country store. There is quite a growth out in small town USA that is expanding in the BBQ and the BBQ smoking world. It is not for just the southern corridor anymore. I am starting to think that the nationalization of food TV has something to do with it. We did not all grow up with similar culinary expectations, and we certainly are not all national or international travelers. It is nice to see people expanding their menus and culinary experimentation & expertise. So…get out there and start cooking!

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