Checking your LP Gas Tank for Leaks

Friday, June 25, 2010 @ 07:06 AM

Before you use your Brinkmann grill for the first time, and every time you change an LP gas tank,  you should check for gas leaks.

An easy way to do this , is a 50% water- 50% dish soap solution. Make sure your grill control knobs are in the OFF position; turn the gas tank supply ON. Apply the soap solution with a clean brush to all the gas connections. If you see bubbles forming, then you need to check your connections. Check the fittings and tighten or repair as necessary. If you have a connection leak that you can’t repair yourself, call your LP gas supplier for assistance. It’s a good idea to check for leaks on your tank as well. Many people rely on a tank exchange program. I’ve been a participant in that program. Let me say…not all of those tanks are the greatest. Take some of your soap solution and apply it to the seams on the gas tank. If you see bubbles, shut the tank OFF. Do not use or move it. Call a local LP gas supply company or call your fire dept. for assistance.

Never, ever check for leaks with flame!!! You want to cook meat & vegetables…not yourself or your grill.

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2 Responses to “Checking your LP Gas Tank for Leaks”

  1. Danae Shouse says:

    hopefully this comment doesn’t appear multiple times (it appears to freeze once i try to post my comment.. not certain if it’s actually posting), but all I truly wanted to say was great post and thanks for sharing.

  2. wigelnyatt says:

    Something we should all do. I know we all get lazy sometimes, but proper care of your equipment is necessity.

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