Now We’re Smokin’ With Gas!: (Different Methods of Grilling)

Thursday, June 10, 2010 @ 11:06 AM

So, we have already discussed different methods of grilling.

Direct grilling, or right over the flames, and different forms of indirect grilling: away from the flames, essentially baking with your grill, and cooking your food low & slow with smoke.

Smoking with a gas grill is fairly simple if you have a higher end grill that comes with a smoker box or an area that is dedicated to a smoker box. The rest of the grilling world, with our standard gas grills, have to figure out other ways to smoke our food.With the wonderful world of the internet and many inventive people out there, “the rest of us” now have many options for smoking with our Brinkmann grill or Cajun gas grill. See our past post regarding “Smoking without a Traditional BBQ Smoker”.

There are many great things out there to use: smoker cans, smoker bags, smoker boxes to hold chips & release smoke through holes, wood planks, etc. But, you can still always just make one yourself, with some heavy duty aluminum foil. Just wrap about a cup or two of soaked wood chips or chunks in a foil pouch. Poke a few holes in the pouch to release the smoke.Place your foil pouch directly over a burner & turn the burner up to high.( Try to find your hottest spot. That may be by the tube with the pilot light, but hopefully you know your grill well enough to know your hot zones.This holds true for smoker cans & smoker boxes too.) Once you see the pouch start to smoke, turn the burner down to get your desired temperature. Again, if you’re planning on smoking something like a brisket, have another foil pouch or two ready to go for the next couple of hours. Always have extra fuel!That goes for propane too.

The gas grill will still not produce the level of smoke that you would get from a traditional bbq smoker or even a charcoal grill. You’ll still get some smokey flavor, but not quite as intense. For some people that’s ok. Not everyone likes it so intense. If you like intense though, maybe you want to go out & get yourself an alternate grill (like a charcoal one) just for smoking.

In conclusion to all of this grilling talk, I hope you have been inspired to get out there & try something new. Let’s get cooking!

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