Different Methods of Grilling Continued

Saturday, June 5, 2010 @ 08:06 AM

Today we will discuss indirect grilling.

This method of cooking would be used on your Brinkmann grill to cook larger, thicker, and tougher cuts of meat at a slower rate.Items like baby back ribs or pork loins, even whole chickens, benefit from cooking this way. The indirect method allows you to cook these items through without burning the exterior. Just like cooking in your oven.

Indirect grilling with a gas grill is a bit simpler than charcoal, so we will discuss that first. If you have a 2 burner gas grill, turn one side off and leave the other one on. If you are working with a 3-4 burner unit, turn the outside burners on, leaving the center as your cooking area. You typically want to keep your temperatures at around 325-350 degrees for this application. If you are working with very fatty cuts of meat, you may want to  place them in a shallow foil pan to cook. This will prevent possible flair ups due to extra greasy drippings.

Always remember to have extra fuel on hand! You do not want to start a large piece of meat and run out of gas halfway through the cooking process. If you’re at home you can always finish inside…but if you’re tailgating, you’re meal is ruined!

Next time we will talk about indirect grilling with charcoal.

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