Smoking Food Without a Traditional BBQ Smoker

Saturday, May 29, 2010 @ 08:05 AM

Some people enjoy the flavor of smoke on their meat, fish & vegetables. Not everyone has a traditional BBQ smoker. There are many things out there to achieve the flavor enhancement of smoke, without having to buy an elaborate smoker.

You can always cheat & buy a liquid smoke product…but like I said…that’s cheating.

There are smoker boxes, a metal box with holes for smoke to escape, that allow you to smoke foods right on your grill, whether it be gas, charcoal, or electric. And as far as a charcoal grill goes, you can place the wood chips or chunks right in with the charcoal.There are also some fancy briquettes out on the market now with the flavor of wood smoke mixed right in them.

There are smoker cans that come in a variety of wood smoke flavors. This is an item that,after opening it, you place on your grill over heat, with your meat on the grate & close the lid. The wood chips inside the can are smaller than your traditional chips or chunks. The smoke escapes the can and presto…you have a smoker.These cans can  be used more than once and there is no soaking of chips, no flying ash.

Wood planks allow seafood, meat, chicken and vegetables to roast slowly, basting in their own juices, creating a subtle smokey flavor. You soak the plank in water for about 30 mins. No fat or oil should be added, as the moisture from the plank keeps your food juicy and flavorful with no loss of nutrients. you pre-heat your barbecue to a medium high heat (400-425 degrees). Place the soaked plank onto the grill and close the lid for a couple of minutes until the plank starts to smoke. Then place the food on the plank, reclose the lid & cook your food like normal. Keep a water spray bottle available for flare ups. When done remove the food & dispose of the plank…or it can be saved to be broken up to use in a box smoker or with charcoal at a later date.

Smoker bags are available. The wood chip flavoring is already inside the bag and sealed between layers of foil. Preparation and clean up are a snap. You fill the bag with meat & vegetables, a little seasoning, and you’re ready to go. Place the bag in your grill, or you can even place it in the oven. After the food it cooked, slice open the bag, serve, and throw the bag away. Easy as pie.

There are even smoker boxes that are made that can be used right on top of your stove. You can enjoy smoked food even in the middle of winter, when it’s too cold to go outside to cook. Especially useful if you live in an apartment & don’t have the luxury of outdoor cooking. They have a lid that slides right on, but you can smoke larger items like ham or turkey just by making a foil tent with the smoker box.

Smoked foods are a good and nutritional way to eat, adding flavor without adding calories & fat. The easy way to give you meals a bold or subtle smoky flavor.

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