Time For Outdoor Cooking

Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 03:05 PM

Mother’s Day has come and gone. For us folks up north, that means it’s time to get back outside. We have always been told not to plant our gardens until after the danger of any frost. Mother’s Day has always been the key date. Time to plant tomatoes and anything else that is not a cold weather hearty crop.

That means it’s time to get back outside with your family and friends. Time to shed the long johns and get out the shorts and flip flops. It is time to start that outdoor cooking again. Whether you are going camping, tailgating, doing a car show, going to the beach or just having a backyard barbecue, it is time to get out the grill, the deep fryer, and the BBQ smoker. We American’s do love the taste of food cooked outdoors. There is no reason to wait for Memorial Day. Besides, the longer you wait, mosquitoes and bees tend to be included. You need to get out there now and strike while the iron is hot…well, luke warm anyway.

Let’s get the cover off our outdoor cooking equipment and get started on the long awaited and well deserved barbecue season. I know I shoveled enough snow this past winter, that I deserve a beautifully grilled steak, some smoked ribs, and some deep fried potatoes all cooked out in my own back yard. My outdoor propane deep fryer needs to see some love. My grill has been up and working already but my fryer wants some action too.

Whatever is your preference, grilled, smoked, deep fried, just get out there and cook. Go buy some charcoal. Get some cherry wood chunks or cedar planks. Amaze your friends. Make some new concoctions. Smoke some vegetables. Deep fry some apples. Make some planked salmon. Enjoy cooking in the great outdoors before the snow decides to fly again.

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