Deep Fried Apple

Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 08:04 AM

Something that I have found is that every region has it’s own deep fried particulars. Some regions share items but give them different names. For instance, there are spiral cut potatoes that are deep fried on a skewer. I’ve heard them called Texas twisters, tornado potatoes, spiral fried potatoes, tornado fries. They have many different names. And even though they are a big hit at North American festivals and fairs, they originated in South Korea.

Something similar, but a sweeter version, that I have found in North Carolina is deep fried, spiral cut, batter dipped apple. Why not? If they can deep fry candy bars or even butter, why not something a little healthier and deep fry fruit. It can also be done in slices instead of spirals. Abel Gonzales, the deep fry king from Texas has even created a deletable nosh of an apple wedge, engulfed in peanut butter, batter dipped and then placed in the deep fryer.

The world is limited only by small imaginations. Get out there and stretch your minds. Imagine big things. Deep fry an apple!

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