Deep Frying and Oil Usage

Monday, March 7, 2011 @ 03:03 PM

I came across a person recently that started a business using an outdoor propane deep fryer. This gentleman and his wife deep fry french fries at festivals and fairs. One of the things that I found to be quite curious was the amount of frying oil that he was going through. He had a 3 gallon fryer and was using 6 gallons of frying oil per day per function.

I am really not sure where all the oil is going. I’m sure that he has been frying his potatoes at a high enough temperature that the oil is not being absorbed into the fries. The only real explanation that I have is that I think the man is not draining his baskets. It almost seems as if they are lifting the frying baskets out of the cooking chamber and immediately dumping the fries into a fry dumping station or french fry station without draining them first. I know that when you really get busy, draining can be a hassle, but lets face it, frying oil in large quantities can get expensive. You want to get as much return as possible. If it takes 10 sales to cover your initial costs before profit, you don’t want to turn that into another 10 sales to cover costs again halfway through your day.

My suggestion to this gentleman, besides telling him to buy an R & V Works Cajun Fryer, which should reduce his oil usage from the start, was to drain the baskets before dumping. Even just taking out two baskets at the same time and tapping them together, should release some clinging oil, and reduce his oil consumption. Even with over extended usage, like deep frying all day long, he should not be using that much oil. Hopefully, the Cajun Fryer and the added suggestions helped.

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