Recouping Your Frying Oil Investment

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 @ 08:03 PM

Frying oil can tend to be expensive. The higher grade, higher smoke point oils, like peanut oil, can be very pricey. When using larger outdoor propane deep fryers, you can be talking a big investment when buying oil. The use a a Cajun Fryer can reduce oil use by 70 percent.

The reason for this is the design of the Cajun Fryer. There is a burner/flue throughout the fryer unit. The burner is positioned 6″ above the bottom of the oil reservoir and is at a 45 degree angle or VEE. This prevents any food batter from collecting on the burner and allows it to fall to the bottom of the reservoir. Since heat rises, the bottom of the unit never gets any hotter than 120 degrees F.  Any sediment from food and batter collects in the VEE below the burner tubes. Because of this, any food residue in the bottom will not scorch or burn. This helps keep the oil clean cooking after cooking. Fire burns inside the self contained burner tubes which run through the frying oil. Again, since heat rises, the cooking chamber is able to reach temperatures that are sufficient enough to deep fry any type of food while the reservoir below stays cooler.

When using a Cajun Fryer we still recommend that you change the oil after 25-30 normal cooking sessions and to strain the oil after every 5th cooking. The revolutionary design of the Cajun Fryer can actually double the life expectancy of your frying oil. This results in fewer oil changes and can help you recoup your investment quicker.

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