Time to Stock Up On Tailgating Equipment

Monday, February 14, 2011 @ 04:02 PM

This time of year is perfect for restocking and renewing tailgating equipment. Many folks are done tailgating, though racing season has just begun. But, before the spring BBQ push goes into effect, now is a great time to find sales on BBQ equipment and tailgating supplies. Many companies are trying to rid themselves of last years grills, BBQ smokers, even turkey fryers. If you can find the equipment, now really is a great time to buy. There is a very small window period now, as many places dumped last years equipment as soon as BBQ season or even the Thanksgiving turkey fryer season was over. They are about to begin stocking the 2011 equipment before the BBQ season begins.

Most people love cooking outdoors. The northern winter season is about to end. People are going to start thinking about grilling again in the northern regions that have been snow covered for a great part of this season. Some of us barbecue all winter long, but some folks are not so willing to shovel a trail out to the grill. If you should find that some of your outdoor cooking equipment has gone by the way side, get out there and get some new gear before the snow melts! Go get that outdoor propane fryer that you’ve been thinking about. Get a bigger grill. Add a BBQ smoker to the tailgate gear. Act now while you still have a great chance for low prices!

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