Another Northeast Snowstorm

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 06:01 PM

Well…I’ve heard many people complaining. I like the snow.

Since I was a kid here on Long Island, I don’t know if the global warming was already taking effect or what, but snow and cold winters were not the norm. I have heard stories from my Pop and others of my elders, talking about ice skating on local ponds and being able to walk far out on the Great South Bay. Ice sailing on Lake Ronkonkoma was a normal thing.

I know that we are somewhat protected here, due to the warm gulf stream waters, but the weather has certainly been odd this year. For the past 40 years, I remember some snow, but usually a blast in February. It was usually due to a blast of Canadian cold jet stream and we would have that snow on the ground for 2 weeks, then it was spring. We never had a white Christmas. There was a white Christmas eve once, but by morning the snow was gone. I remember being able to skate on local ponds, every other year or so. I only really remember the bay freezing hard enough once, that cars were able to drive on the surface. Lake Ronkonkoma freezing hard enough for ice boats is few and far between.

We have had more snow in one winter, so far, than I remember in all of my life. Maybe the global warming has finally taken effect, and the glaciers are melting into the ocean and screwing uo the normal gulf stream pattern.

As I said…I like the snow. I have lived away from here, the land of 4 seasons. I have lived in a 3 season climate and a basic 2 season climate. I prefer the 4..thank you.

Anyway, a basic review of home supplies and outdoor cooking equipment should be a given. You need to be able to cook food or boil water (or snow) in the event of a power loss. Loss of power can last for days. Having a propane or charcoal grill, propane turkey fryer, or other outdoor cooking equipment is necessary. Always make sure that you have extra propane or a bag of charcoal on hand. Yeah, I know, its winter in the Northeast. No barbeques. Why do you need a full tank of propane or charcoal. Let alone finding a store that stocks charcoal in winter. Well, say you have an electric stove…the power goes out. How are you going to cook?

Just some thoughts to keep in mind as we head into the middle of winter. The day after tomorrow…could really be the day after tomorrow.

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