Game Weekend

Saturday, January 15, 2011 @ 03:01 PM

The Pro NFL football season is coming to a close but with frenzied tailgaters, bar goers, and couch potatoes every where. It is always hard for me to decide if this time in the season is my favorite or the beginning of the season is.

I love the beginning. All those tailgaters out there have been chomping at the bit. They have gone over their tailgate bins, renewed & replenished any items that may need it. They have checked their outdoor propane deep fryers, their grills, and BBQ smokers. They get new t-shirts and banners. They make sure they are updated on any new procedures and rules that their venue may have. It is always a very exciting time.

By the end of the season, everyone’s tasks are old hat. Everyone knows what they are doing. Much fun has been had, much good food has been eaten, memories have been made, much camaraderie has gone on throughout the season. But…if your team makes it to the play offs…it’s all on…all over again! The same feeling as the beginning of the season returns, with vim & vigor.

Good luck to all of your favorite teams out there! Wishing everyone a good game, and not some long drawn out blow out. Here is to another year in Pro Football!!!

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