Homemade and Innovative Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 @ 08:01 PM

It never ceases to amaze me how ingenious people can be when it come to outdoor cooking equipment. Tailgaters, competition barbecuers, and just BBQ smokers in general. There are so many different ways that grills, smokers, and outdoor propane deep fryers can be made. Not all of us are capable of welding or fabricating our own cooking equipment. But some people are. You get a good idea or think that a unit that you have is good but could be better and you run with it. You either do it yourself or take it to someone who can. Tailgaters and people that compete in BBQ competitions, are looking for new ways to improve the way they cook, their menus, and their cooking equipment all the time. I get very excited when I see a non-cookie cutter smoker or grill. I love to walk through parking lots and tailgate lots and see different peoples’ set ups. There are so many different ideas out there and so many different ways to do things.It can be very inspiring.

Never stop learning, never stop thinking, never stop trying. It is in our nature. Get out there and cook! Get out there and innovate! Get out there and inspire someone or get inspired!

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