Christmas Is a Time For Tailgating Upgrades

Sunday, December 19, 2010 @ 05:12 PM

Christmas is great time to upgrade your favorite tailgater’s cooking equipment. If you know of some new equipment needed or something that is outdated and needs upgrading, now is a great time. Odds are, you are a tailgater too, and though you may not be the head cook and bottle washer, there is a good chance you know of the groups’ gear. This would be a great time to pitch in and get “cookie” some new gear.

Typically, grilling season is over for the summer set, and Thanksgiving turkey frying season is over. Little do they know that tailgaters do this sort of thing, almost year round. Grills usually go on sale at summer’s end, so this time of year is even better for great values. You can always wait until tailgating season starts up again next year, but why wait. If there is something the group needs now, why not go for it. New tailgating supplies make great gifts.

Get your tailgating club a Bayou Classic turkey fryer if they don’t already have one. They are multi-purpose outdoor propane deep fryers. They also stew, steam and boil.

Get an All-In-One. These units deep fry, boil, steam, grill, and they can be used as BBQ smokers too. Having units that serve different purposes helps save space when traveling to and from your venue.

Have a great tailgating season and a great holiday season too.

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