Frying Christmas To All

Saturday, December 18, 2010 @ 06:12 PM

Deep fried turkey is not just for Thanksgiving anymore. Why not try deep fried turkey for Christmas dinner. If you already have a turkey fryer kit, you are set. If not, a turkey fryer is not an unattainable item. There are some that are quite inexpensive. if you have never deep fried a turkey before, an inexpensive one may be a good starting off point. Turkey fryers are not just for deep frying either. It is a big stock pot with an outdoor propane cooker or patio stove. You can steam, boil, stew, and simmer in the same pot that you deep fry in. It can be taken anywhere that you can take a propane grill. A turkey fryer is a tailgater’s dream, especially cold weather tailgaters. You can make stew or chili, even gumbo or jambalaya. Some stick to your ribs, keep you warm food, for those below zero days. A great gift item for your favorite tailgater.

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