No Service Business

Monday, December 20, 2010 @ 05:12 AM

I pride myself on offering as much service to my retail business as possible. I have worked in retail since I was a kid. I was taught to treat customers a certain way. This should apply all the way around. How can you expect someone to be a repeat customer or get business through word of mouth when the people that you are giving your business to don’t care enough to process your order as soon as possible or even send you an email confirmation. It is even worse when you attempt to email them or phone them and they never get back to you. I have gotten involved with a company that sells tailgating supplies that I want to, in turn, sell to my customers. I have since placed an order with them and it has been 5 business days and I have not heard fro them and they have not even processed my order. It is holiday time and my customer was expecting this item for the holiday. The wholesaler that I have sent this order to have not responded to my repeated emails or phone calls. I guess I am going to have to drop this wholesaler and never use them again. I will have to try to find the products elsewhere or just not offer these items anymore.

I have a great relationship with all of my other wholesalers. I have spoken with them, I email them about a turkey fryer or Cajun fryer and they get back to me, usually within one business day. These are not only wholesalers, some are the manufacturers. They have all been very helpful. They want my business. I find it odd that in this day and age that a company can just blow off business in this way or are just expecting to make more money because now I will have to eat the order to compensate for the extra shipping costs that I will now have to pay in order to actually serve my customer.

Live and learn.

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