Counting Down The Days To Thanksgiving

Friday, November 19, 2010 @ 05:11 PM

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks. In honor of our forefathers and the Native Americans that helped the pilgrims survive the winter, we gather together and cook and stuff ourselves silly. The natives taught the pilgrims what to eat and what to plant to help them survive. Thanksgiving is also a day for us to reflect on the things that we are thankful for. Food on our tables, family and friends to share it with, a roof over our  heads, clothes on our backs. If the Native Americans and pilgrims from way back when could see the way that we spend our Thanksgivings today, I’m really not sure what they would think.

Deep fried turkey cooked in outdoor propane deep fryers would definitely be an oddity to them.

Football games in the back yard and on television maybe not so much.  The Native Americans had games, like Lacrosse, that they did played when they gathered together for social functions.

The amount of food that we Americans consume on that one day is probably more than what one pilgrim family had to eat in a whole week or more.

Some of the things that they had to eat on that glorious day, that we have come to honor and cherish, are probably so far from what we have made a traditional Thanksgiving meal into that our heads would spin. They lived near the shores of New England. They probably had fish, shellfish, and lobster along with other wild game. Not just turkey and probably not mashed potatoes. I’m sure they had cranberries and other fruits like apples, that are available at that time of year, but could you see the looks on all of their faces at the jellied cranberry sauce that has donned many of our tables year after year.

Anyway, we are all thankful for the day of gluttony and the day off of work!

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