Deep Fried Thanksgiving Turkey

Monday, October 18, 2010 @ 07:10 AM

There is nothing better than a deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving, shared with family and friends. As long as all safety measures are followed, you can be enjoying your turkey dinner in half the time that it would take you to roast the bird in the oven, or even smoke it on your grill or in a BBQ smoker.

There are many different outdoor propane fryers to choose from. You can go with your traditional turkey fryer that can also be used, later on down the road, for boiling, stewing & steaming. These units also come in aluminum or stainless steel, offering different price points, which could be a deciding factor in a final purchase. Some people feel that stainless is easier to care for and clean than aluminum. Though I find this to be true myself, not everyone deems this a decision factor.

You can go with a newer safer fryer, like a Cajun Fryer or Bayou Fryer. These outdoor propane deep fryers allow for any possible oil spillage without the oil ever coming in contact with flames. Therefore making these units a safer fryer. Some have attached legs and wheels for portability and stability. You can deep fry anything in them and they have drain valves for when the oil has cooled. There are even ways around that if say you  want to take your fryer tailgating, to a church social or a fire department meeting. Just hook up a radiator hose with the appropriate end attachment and drain the oil into metal Gerry cans. Then just place to hot can out of harms way until your game or function is done. This will also allow for the unit to cool while your watching the game or during the remainder of your meeting, allowing you to easily pack it up for traveling home.

So even though the turkey fryers and outdoor cookers can deep fry anything, not just Thanksgiving turkeys, they will make a welcome addition to your outdoor cooking appliances. But even if you only do use your fryer for just Thanksgiving and holidays, make sure you are prepared ahead of time. Have your cooking location staked out, with an alternate back up location if need be. Have an all purpose fire extinguisher. Have an extra tank of propane. Most of all. Have fun. Cooking should be fun and tasty. Holidays should be family, friends, football, not firemen & sirens.

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