Baskets for Kabobs

Sunday, October 17, 2010 @ 11:10 AM

I recently came across something at the store that I had to have. It is a metal basket that you use on your Brinkmann grill in place of shish kabob skewers. Have you ever made shish kabobs with assorted vegetables with the meat. Most of the time the vegetables cook quicker than the meat. This can lead to the veggies just falling apart and into your coals rendering them inedible & useless. I have changed up my skewering methods to try to avoid this problem, by placing all quick cook vegetables on one set of skewers and all meat on others. This helped the problem, but now you loose the blending of flavors that is part of what a shish kabob is all about.

Using these baskets simplifies grilling. You can actually fit more food in the basket than on a standard skewer. The baskets can even be used in the oven if you wish, but think about the tailgating aspects here. You can throw everything together much easier & then just open the baskets and dump the food out for noshing.

I have purchased many different baskets for grilling now. They are quite handy and help keepĀ  your food intact. Get out and try a baasket today.

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