Turkey Fryer; A Tailgater’s Best Friend

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 @ 05:10 PM

Turkey fryers are so under rated as an outdoor cooking appliance. So many people just want to fry a turkey in them and stash them away in the garage until next turkey day.

A turkey fryer is actually  the most versatile cooking equipment that you can have. You can fry with it obviously, but not only turkey. You can deep fry wings, french fries, okra, onion rings. You can even deep fry ribs. This wonderful piece of equipment will also steam, boil, and stew. There are even some All-In-One fryers that serve as a grill and a BBQ smoker too. Anywhere that you can cook outdoors, you can bring your outdoor propane turkey fryer. Therefore, you can take it camping, you can take it on a picnic, and best of all, you can take it tailgating.

Tailgaters are always trying to one up each other, if not trying to one up their own last tailgate party. Take your fryer out to the stadium parking lot. Make some Philly Cheese Steaks or some nice hot chili for a cold weather game. Make a Low Country Boil or a nice hearty beef stew. Make some jambalaya for a spicy kick off to the game. Steam up some corn on the cob while you’re grilling up steaks or BBQ smoking some ribs. Better yet steam some lobsters while you grill roast some corn. And you can deep fried anything.

I’m going to use my fryer tomorrow. I am going to make a Great South Bay Boil. Not because I’m going anywhere, or tailgating or anything. I’m going to do it because I can. I like to use my turkey fryer at least once a month, sometimes more. The point is, get out there and cook. Food should be good, not just convenient. With practice everything gets easier. Use that stainless steel turkey fryer that you bought. Don’t just let it collect dust. Take it to the races, take it to the game. Shake up your tailgate menu. Surprise your tailgaters with something different this week.

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