Drag Racing Tailgates

Monday, October 4, 2010 @ 04:10 PM

So, as promised, pictures and details. Everyone was so friendly and loved to talk about the food that they were cooking. I found people at the drag strip much friendlier than quite a few of the NASCAR tailgaters. I am still not quite sure why, as tailgaters are usually quite friendly and love to talk about their own personal tailgate.

There was one tailgate party that just came for the elimination race day. They weren’t there the whole weekend, like many folks that I talked to. They set up for the day, and everyone that came, brought food and /or cooking equipment. I thought that that was a novel idea. I don’t always appreciate being “Cookie” for the weekend. That means planning, buying, bringing and cooking.(I make someone else be the head bottle washer! If I’m doing everything else, I shouldn’t have to do dishes as well!) When I met this group, they already had the tables set up. There were 2 charcoal grills already going and I was told that an outdoor propane fryer and BBQ smoker would be showing up later. One gentleman gave me a list of the food that was already there. They had tossed green salad, tuna salad, macaroni salad. They had cheese, crackers, chips, dip, fresh vegetables for appetizers & snack. The list of meat was impressive; hot dogs, hamburgers, pork chops, ribs, wings, steak, and they weren’t sure if that was all, because the people with the deep fryer and the smoker had not shown up with their equipment and food yet. This was just a one day tailgate party. I was quite impressed. Not to mention seeing The Queen of Philly Cheese Steaks the day before with her Bayou Classic turkey fryer set up. She had her outdoor propane patio stove set up with a stock pot filled with pepper steak style Philly Cheese Steak. She was ready to feed an army. It’s too bad that I had just eaten too, because I was offered a sandwich. I am still annoyed that I turned it down. If she was the queen, it had to be good.

I have now been reassured about good tailgate parties, after my major let down at Dover International Speedway. The NASCAR tailgaters there, just wanted simple and easy. The drag racing tailgaters wanted good food to eat! Eat hearty my friends, and we’ll see you at the next great tailgate.

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