Continuation of a Weekend at The Races

Sunday, October 3, 2010 @ 06:10 PM

I just got back from a weekend at the races. It did not totally turn out on a positive note. We actually went to watch a friend race a car. He won his race class last year, but after crossing the finish line, the car was wrecked. After a month, my friend and his crew decided to rebuild the car. They worked for 11 months to get the car up and running for the event I attended this weekend. 3 weeks ago we all came to the drag strip in Englishtown, NJ to test the car. Things went well, but they really only got to make one pass. This was truly the first weekend that they got to bring the car out. Qualifying went well. The car placed 5th in time ranking after all qualifying runs were done. Eliminations started and the car and driver did well. The car did make it to the final round. They lost the last round, but it was quite an accomplishment. Most people did not know that this was the first weekend that this car had gotten to runĀ  since the rebuild. I am quite proud of my friend and his crew. To think that they built and ran a new rebuild all the way to the finals.

On another note, my parking lot wanderings turned up many different kinds and types of food. The drag racing circuit, in my mind, puts NASCAR tailgaters to shame. Unless someone wants to prove me wrong. Mario Batali wrote a cookbook regarding NASCAR tailgaters. It totally inspired me along with a book by a man named Big John. I have always cooked something different and something inspired by both of these men anytime I have ever tailgated. My last trip to a NASCAR track turned out, not by me of course, only propane grills, burgers, dogs, and brats,every where I looked! And, that was all. The two weekends that I spent at the drag strip I saw less tailgaters, but so much more food. All different kinds of food & cooked in many different ways. The grills, the BBQ smokers and outdoor propane deep fryers. I even saw a Bayou Classic outdoor patio stove with a giant stock pot filled with pepper steak made by The Philly Cheese Steak Queen herself!

I will go into this topic a bit more in depth tomorrow. I would like to add pictures and discuss the menus of some of these wonderful and talented tailgaters.

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