Racing and Tailgating in the Rain

Friday, October 1, 2010 @ 08:10 AM

Well, it is another weekend of racing. The weather is not agreeing with that scenario. Drag racing and rainfall do not mix. Even the slightest bit of water on the track can cause a severe accident. The track usually shuts down until it is deemed dry enough to make a pass safely.

As far as tailgating is concerned, as long as you have a tent, tarp, awning or canopy, you’re in like flint. But in the bad weather scenario,  extra food may be necessary. People are not just lollygagging around when the weather is good and the cars are racing. There are still usually things to look at but you’d better have that charcoal grill or BBQ smoker on full tilt. Turn on your outdoor propane deep fryer and start frying everything in site. People like to eat when they get bored. Some of your friends and family may be watching mechanics tune cars, or chasing down a driver for an autograph. If it’s raining hard enough, they will come looking for the head cook & bottle washer. This is not a bad thing, but as I said food can become an issue. You planned for the weekend; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, probably some snacks. Now we are adding extra meal time to the food stores. Let’s hope you’ve got enough, or a way to get to a store if need be.

Tailgating in the rain is not so bad, as long as you are prepared. Unfortunately, this is a tropical depression. Not just a lot of rain, but a lot of wind too. Make sure your grill lids are tightly secured and that your wind guards are up. Good luck, and as soon a s the track is dry, we’ll get everyone back out to racing.

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