Time To Dust Off Your Turkey Fryer

Thursday, September 30, 2010 @ 05:09 PM

You may think that Thanksgiving is still a long time away. By my count, there is about 8 weeks left to go. If you don’t use your propane turkey fryer on a normal basis, it’s time to dig it out of the garage NOW! Dust it off, check your hoses & regulators for leaks. Fire it up & make sure everything is in proper working order. Take it for a spin. You don’t even have to deep fry something in it. Cook up a pot of chili, steam some corn, or just boil a pot of water. The point is, you want to make sure it is in tip top shape for turkey day! Make sure you have an extra propane tank on hand and an all purpose fire extinguisher. Decide what seasonings you plan on using this year.

It is never too early to start planning for the big day. That includes making sure your deep fryer is up to snuff. You don’t want to be all ready with your beautifully rubbed and injected turkey, go to start your outdoor propane cooker, and find out you have a leaky hose. The hardware store is not going to open Thanksgiving Day. Take a spare moment to check these things out. Deep fried turkey is one of man’s greatest creations. Take the time to honor it properly. You want the preparation to go off without a hitch, so that you can eat, loosen your belt, kick back and watch football with your family and friends. You don’t want to have to put a bird in the oven at the last minute adding 17 minutes per pound of cooking time. That is adding hours of cooking time on. Even if you settled for the grill at this point, because the oven is loaded with pie & side dishes, you’re still talking hours.

So go find your deep fat turkey fryer. Clean it up and use it. Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today!

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