Beef Brisket

Friday, September 17, 2010 @ 09:09 AM

Today, I am going to attempt smoking a beef brisket on my grill.

I am used to cooking brisket indoors in a table top cooker. I have attempted smoking brisket on a grill once before. The meat had a lot of flavor, but was still tough, not tender.

I do not have a traditional BBQ smoker. I use my propane grill to smoke. It certainly does not work as well as a real smoker. Probably not as well as a charcoal grill either. I have a metal smoker box that I fill with wood chips. I have also been known to use smoker cans and smoker bags, as well as just making foil pouches filled with pre-soaked wood chips.

From poking around and seeking out advise, I’ve found out that you don’t need to out and out smoke the meat the whole time. You can wrap the brisket in foil at about 140 degrees F & add some juices to help it finish cooking. That was a step I did not perform last time. I am hoping that it will make my finished project a success. I mean what is cooking except science and experimentation anyway.

Here’s to science and smoked meat!!!!

Wish me luck!

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