It’s Time to Talk Turkey

Thursday, September 16, 2010 @ 03:09 PM

It’s September. Thanksgiving is really only 9 weeks away. If you have been considering buying a turkey fryer to deep fry your holiday turkey, now is the time to do it!

Consider the fact that shipping takes time. And, please, consider the fact, that you want to use your turkey fryer now! You don’t want to take it out of the box, Thanksgiving morning, and think that you are going to make the perfect holiday meal.

You want to try it out now. Figure out how to use your new fryer. Get used to adjusting temperatures and using hot oil. Get used to slowly lowering unfrozen items into the fryer, so that you have no boil overs. Start out small. Use a basket and deep fry some fish. Use the poultry rack & deep fry a chicken. Get to know your new fryer.

You want to figure out where you are going to set up your fryer. Somewhere that is a level & stable cooking surface that is not in your garage and not on your wooden deck attached to your house. Find a safe location that you know the kids and the dog will not be playing. Have a back up plan in case of wind & weather.

Thanksgiving is a day of family, friends, food, and football. Not fire extinguishers and the local fire department. Though you should have an all purpose fire extinguisher on hand anyway. NEVER use water on a hot oil fire!!!!

By buying a turkey fryer now, & learning the nuances of it, come Thanksgiving Day, you will be a pro at the art of deep frying, and not a novice. You can practice using that conventional turkey fryer by doing other things besides deep frying. You can boil & steam in them too. You can make chili or gumbo. You can steam clams & lobsters. You can even make a whole bunch corn on the cob.

The point is to use the fryer now. Even a teenager is given time to learn how to drive a car before they are given a license. If you want your turkey dinner to be a success, you need practice first. Make some food. Have some fun. You have a little bit of time left to learn. And come the holidays in December, it will all be old hat.

Always remember…safety first! Have an extra propane tank handy. You don’t want to run out halfway through cooking your bird. And as I said, have an all purpose fire extinguisher near by, just in case!

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