Summer Wind Down

Friday, September 10, 2010 @ 08:09 AM

As summer is winding down, I am looking around, and seeing everyone GRASPING onto that last bit as hard as they can.

The fairs, the festivals, the bbq’s, the car shows, not to mention the fervent tailgating going on. Even though people love the football, the games & the camaraderie, I believe that it is SO passionate in the beginning, because people know that summer is almost over. This may not be the case further south, but for us northerners,  everyone is trying to squeeze that last bit of sunshine out of the season as possible. I love going to a game on a nice crisp fall morning as much as the next guy, but face it…watching a game or race on a beautiful late summer day while the sun is shining is better than a cold dreary day in November. Besides, rolling into the beginning of football tailgating season means that school is back in session, the days are going to get shorter, and soon all that holiday rigmarole is about to start. And that effects everyone.

For now, we just want to hold onto that last beautiful, blue sky, sunny, summer day. Get the Brinkmann grill going, smell the charcoal & steak in the air. Get the bbq smoker going, the aroma of  mesquite and smoked pork butt fills your nostrils. Deep fry some Buffalo wings, crack open a cold one & share a day with friends, laughing, sharing, and not a care in the world. Who cares if I have an major exam coming up on next Friday. Right now, I have warm sun, friends, food & football!!!!

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