Return to the Fair

Sunday, September 5, 2010 @ 09:09 AM

It is already the official summer’s end. Labor Day Weekend.

There are fairs everywhere. I happened to visit the Vermont State Fair in Rutland, VT yesterday. Fried fair food every where!  Commercial grade fryers and outdoor propane deep fryers.I’ve never seen so many fried dough in my life, in one place, at one time. I saw at least 10. Not all were just fried dough, but  some of the fried food stands also served fried dough. I also saw a deep fried seafood stand, from clam bellies to calamari. One stand had all comfort food. Mac & cheese, meatballs, goulash, even chipped beef. Sausage and pepper stands, lemonade stands. There was a kettle corn stand with a huge kettle in it. I know that Roxie’s was there with her pint and 1\2 pints of french fries and other fried goodies.

One stand stood out to me over all others. I have heard this item called by many names…Texas tornado, Texas Twister, and now Chipstix. This is a single coil of potato placed on a stick, and deep fried. I saw them plain or seasoned. The people buying them really seemed to enjoy them. A more unique and  innovative idea in a sea of fried dough! And not your typical french fry. Now that’s the way to catch a fair goer’s attention and bring the sales home!

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